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We create shareware utilities for the Macintosh. Shareware is "try-before-you-buy" software: download the program you're interested in and evaluate it. Then, if you want to keep on using it, honor the shareware system and pay the registration fee. Otherwise, just remove the software from your hard disk.

You can register our programs online:
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Latest news:

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Software & Hardware Tracker and DXoft Get Info now include version 5.5v2 of the FileMaker Pro runtime application. When used with the Classic version of the runtime application, they operate on Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS 9.x. When used with the Mac OS X version of the runtime application, they operate natively on Mac OS X (version 10.0.4 or later) with no dependence on the Classic environment.

Users of Software & Hardware Tracker PRO and DXoft Get Info PRO still need a full copy of FileMaker Pro 5, FileMaker Pro 5.5 or FileMaker Pro 6 to edit the databases. Note that only FileMaker Pro 5.5 (or later) operates natively on Mac OS X.

Registered users of Software & Hardware Tracker 4 and DXoft Get Info 2 can upgrade for free to the new versions built for Mac OS X.

Of course, if you wish to show your appreciation for our work by registering again or by upgrading your current registration option, your support is always welcome :-)

FileMaker Pro 7 compatibility notes:

FileMaker Pro 7 is a brand new program which works very differently from previous versions.

Consequently, Software & Hardware Tracker, in its present form, may not work properly when converted to the new ".fp7" format and used with the new engine. It has only been tested with FileMaker Pro 5, 5.5 and 6 and is only supported on those platforms. A complete rewrite is planned to make it fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 7. In the meantime, you can keep on using FileMaker Pro 5.x or 6 alongside FileMaker Pro 7.

DXoft Get Info, while being a much simpler solution, is also affected by changes to the security model in FileMaker Pro 7 among other things.

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